Lewis + Clark

Need a creative and passionate team working collaboratively to take your vision to the silver screen? We treat these sizeable projects as expeditions that only reach culmination by a crew of trusted creatives. Our main compadres at Fox Den Productions work enthusiastically and efficiently to brainstorm, develop, and market your narrative — into an unforgettable film.

Best for: Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, Small Businesses, Good Ol’ Mom+Pop Shops

Have you reached a point in your craft or business where you feel compelled to elaborate on the process, to tell your tale with such detail in the grain that any audience would stop and watch as they discover what you want to share with this ol’ world of ours? Well, that’s our specialty. We admire folks who’ve created a name for themselves with their bare hands and their driving forces. Whether you’re a fellow creative, an application developer or an organic farmer searching to distinctly convey the bigger picture of your efforts ad the novelty of your product, we’re on a mission alongside you. And to get there, requires an expedition of collaborative means. We want the rest of the world to experience the devotion in your labor of love by exposing it through our lens.

Another talented and trusted cinematographer shoots double the footage with me to gather as much content as needed, to assure that each possible moment isn’t missed and that all angles are covered and lit with every intent of evoking sentiment. As a team, we are compelled to push each client’s vision and each brand’s storyboard beyond the realm of expectations and into one of innovation and authenticity. As an editor by trade, I take all of the hard work that’s gone into production and start piecing together a story that not only mirrors your vision, but also emotionally captivates beyond your intended audience.

Can Include:
+ 2 videographers with 2 full standard DLSR and 4K cinema camera kits // access to external agencies for rental gear if needed
+ 1-2 Hair + Makeup Artists
+ 1 Set Designer
+ 1 Sound Engineer
+ 1-2 DP Assistants

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