The trailer for Indigenous is out (!!!) — having premiered at the 2014 Tribeca film festival this past April with some clever reviews following its midnight screening. It was my first horror/Hollywood-ish film experience. More over, it was an ultimate pleasure and the most humbling experience to work alongside the talents of David LeRoy Anderson (two time Oscar winner), Mark Steger and Brendan Barnes. In short, incredible people with work ethics and imaginations that will forever serve as an inspirational force in my life — you were to us all! Everyone on our team, including our very good looking selection of actors endured the wild west of Panamá and made each (tremendously long and sleep-deprived) day of production a comedic relief of circumstance. Our young-blooded producer James Samson, despite all the chaos that can surround an independent film in the depths of thorn-adorned foliage and random, unidentifiable insects crawling up the exposed body parts of all crew members, handled every ounce of possible stress with the best attitude and most encouraging sense of perseverance. He’s worked his way up in the film world  and my, oh my, I see stars in the land of Angels for him. As for our director … Alastair Orr … wow, if there was ever a style I would like to emulate one day as a director in narrative filmmaking, it would be his. Not only does he possess the foresight of an editor (by trade) but he also possesses the unique ability to direct with straight forward language and a simultaneous collectedness that continuously remains calm and focused ( << definitely not an easy task in a bat cave for 12+ hours). It’s also worth a serious mention that this native South African comes equipped with a cunning sense of humor, the best sarcasm to ever be delivered — comprised with intelligence that few can altogether juggle like this one. Trey Bohn … our Executive Producer — a man of steel and constant entertainment — and one of my dearest friends: thank you for introducing the opportunity for this momentous project in my life.