Isla Vida Charters recently launched its fully-catered yacht experience in Panama City. Aptly named “Pearl Runner,” their hydrodynamic power catamaran glides her inhabitants across the bluest of waters and onto the whitest of sands, chasing dreams and destinations.

Isla Vida does all of the planning for their clients, from an abundance of ice-cold beverages to providing delicious artisanal-styled catering. At a 12-person capacity, a group of friends in dire need of some Panamanian sunshine can arrange an incredible trip — voyage to umbrella-lined Taboga Island or snorkel sessions through crystal-clear coves, you may as well be lost in paradise.

Entonces, we here at Fox Den Productions are stoked to present our little feature for IslaVida Charters. We had an amazing day filming this beauty and couldn’t be more grateful for the gorgeous Panamanian weather that accompanied our shoot. Our passengers weren’t too shabby either. Anchor down, grab a brewski and get ready to experience what a day’s worth of sea-soaked sunshine on the Pacific Ocean looks like — as we travel to one of Panama’s most beloved, umbrella-lined islands: Isla Taboga.