#RelationshipAspiration. My dear friend Nick Onken and I recently collaborated on a personal project aptly titled, ‘Montauk Love.’ At first, it was pretty loose-ended: meet his friends Kelly Framel (The Glamourai) and Zachary Lynd (Turf) and a produce a lifestyle piece on a day in their ridiculously good-looking lives. But that conceptual beginning blossomed into something way larger than ourselves and what we were making. Rarely ever do I find myself immediately inspired by live, actual people and these two, well — it goes without saying that their creative drive, talent, and interpersonal resonance struck both Nick and I with a wild dose of awe. Incredibly driven and equally, if not more, down to earth, these folk really do put effort into every detail and moment of their lives, as individuals and as a pairing. When you can genuinely observe someone working to make his/her dreams a reality, it puts a whole new spin on reality checks and the perception of possibility. Needless to say, Nick and I found ample wells of inspiration in the Fall-laden town of Montauk. Kelly and Zach, wherever you two lovebirds are — thank you so much for the mini adventure we experienced together. Until next time!