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Director + Editor

Director of Photography

Hair + Makeup Artist

Sarah Tyler is a travel-obsessed filmmaker who recently returned to Tropicalia (i.e. Panamá) in pursuit of adventurous projects, bilingual progress and any kind of weather that isn’t a New York winter. She spent the past four years living abroad in Panamá, serving as Creative Director for the globally recognized Kalu Yala new urbanist community. Guiding machete-wielding odysseys into the Pacora River Valley, she filmed research-driven projects with an international collection of enterprising academians. In 2012, Sarah traded the evergreen jungle for the newer slab of concrete, starting her own production company in Panamá City. Immersing herself in the world of advertising and strategic branding, she ignored the creative boundaries on traditional storyboarding and quickly formed an intimate production team with her closest amigos >> Fox Den Productions. Together, they’ve developed their own ‘special sauce’ for executing creative vision with authentic appeal and quality performance + delivery. Fox Den Productions has been lucky enough to work with a serial list of incredibly inspiring entrepreneurs thriving in the hub of the Americas — and always keeps an ear to the wind for people creating change in their community or the world. In 2013, Sarah joined Kilburn Media to shoot the independent horror film ‘Indigenous’ which premiered at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. Prior to her life in the tropics, Sarah shifted between film editor, producer and photographer for various NYC publications: Pangolin Pictures, SuperFad, Village Voice, Blowback Productions, the Sundance Channel and photographer Brett Beyer. A woman of many trades and a wildly-diverse resume, she’s found herself in the tropics of Panamá once again, after a productive year in NYC, with an unyielding enthusiasm for upcoming projects in warmer climates … particularly those that involve travel, exploration + social impact.

Joey Loreto is a Panamanian-born, whiz-kid with an incredibly patient demeanor and serious penchant for capturing light in its most meaningful of forms. For him, cinematography is about preserving the essence of life. It is about transferring emotion, creating a dialogue through mood. Our resident Director of Photography for larger projects, Joey blends technical expertise with a natural intuition for every kind of ambiance. Despite being our youngest amigo at Fox Den Productions, he has over 7 years of professional experience and is a pleasure to work with on all kinds of sets/locales. His personal resume includes brands such as BMW, Adidas, Reebok, NitroCity, Jazzfest, Panama Pacifico + many more. When he’s not hustling with folks at Fox Den, he’s photographing (a lot of) weddings, ordering everything from Amazon + building Wall-E drones.

Dorina Szabo Kelly is our resident Hungarian princess, originally stemming from Budapest. A lover of beauty + transformation since day one (and driven beyond measure), Dorina quickly realized her passion in life. With over 15 years of professional experience in fast-paced, massive-budget productions to intimate destination shoots, Dorina is not only an ‘OG’ but also one of the most amiable and positive team players. She has a resume that’s as expansive as the places she’s lived and a reputation that precedes her. From Budapest to New York, Miami, Puerto Rico, St. Martin + Panamá, Dorina has acquired a portfolio that boasts her talent and an enviable list of mentors. One of the things we love most about Dorina is her bold attitude and zest for learning. Never afraid to experiment, Dorina is constantly pushing her craft to the next level of wow.

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