A video for an incredible hostel in Casco Viejo, Panama // Luna’s Castle. I have such a deep and happy history with the boys behind this project and going back to spend a month filming surfaced a plethora of inviting memories. We’ve all met some incredible people passing through this antiquated fortress — shared a beer, a laugh, and many a story. Cheers to Luna’s and all the magic that resides in their castle. Special thanks to a partner of crime in my life - Joey Loreto - for rockin’ out and shooting so many of the beautiful shots you shall soon see!

Dekel Group // 2014 Vision from Sarah Tyler on Vimeo.

Dekel Group presents their latest developments on the Azuero Peninsula, Panama City, and their progress on current projects and new ventures in the hub of the Americas. A filmic presentation guided by lifestyle and a passion for merging work, community, and vision.

Blue Venao Panama from Sarah Tyler on Vimeo.

Director and Producer: Sarah Tyler

Director of Photography: Joey Loreto

Underwater Cinematographer: Ricardo Salomon

Second & Third Cameras: Sarah Tyler, Francisco Malaga

Edit & Additional Footage: ADLER Brands

The trailer for Indigenous is out (peek it!!!) — having premiered at the 2014 Tribeca film festival this past April with some clever reviews following its midnight screening. It was my first horror/Hollywoodish film experience (narrative filmaking for that matter). More over, it was an ultimate pleasure and the most humbling experience to work alongside the talents of David LeRoy Anderson (two time Oscar winner), Mark Steger, and Brendan Barnes. In short, incredible people with work ethics and imaginations that will forever serve as an inspirational force in my life — you were to us all!  Everyone on our team, including our very good looking selection of actors endured the wild west of Panamá and made each (tremendously long and sleep-deprived) day of production a comedic relief of circumstance. Our young-blooded producer James Samson, despite all the chaos that can surround an independent film in the depths of thorn-adorned foliage and random, unidentifiable insects crawling up the exposed body parts of all crew members, handled every ounce of possible stress with the best attitude and most encouraging sense of perseverance. He’s worked his way up in the film world  and my, oh my, I see stars in the land of Angels for him. As for our director … Alastair Orr … wow, if there was ever a style I would like to emulate one day as a director in narrative filmmaking, it would be his. Not only does he possess the foresight of an editor (by trade) but he also possesses the unique ability to direct with straight forward language and a simultaneous collectedness that continuously remains calm and focused (<—- definitely not an easy task in a bat cave for 12+ hours). It’s also worth a serious mention that this native South African comes equipped with a cunning sense of humor, the best sarcasm to ever be delivered — comprised with intelligence that few can altogether juggle like this one. 

Trey Bohn … our Executive Producer — a man of steel and constant entertainment — and one of my dearest friends: thank you for introducing the opportunity for this momentous project in my life. Cheers to the next one … and a possible move to the West Coast! 

Montauk Love in Racked.com (our couple takes the cake!)

Throwing it way back on a Tuesday (yet, we still remain in 2014 so give me some credit) to a charming mention in Racked.com from this year’s Valentine collaboration with TheGlamourai, her bearded Viking (Zachary Lynd), and the ever-adroit Renaissance man, Nick Onken. I guess we made a little film worthy of this gracious quote,

Today in things that almost too perfect for even dreams, Kelly Framel of The Glamourai and bearded boyfriend Zach take to Montauk for a Valentine’s Day that will make you smile and cry, smile and cry, repeat ad infinitum. Fans of the blogger/jewelry designer are used to seeing her shiny and curated style, but now we know that’s how her life and relationship is as well. She paints. He surfs. They cook, go on a quick jaunt in a vintage car, build fires and picnic, adorably.”

So, in short, I’m bad at having a website but I am good at remembering. Merci, Racked.com!

Melt your hearts out here to genuine affinity: Montauk Love

Official poster for #IndigenousMovie!!! Quite a scene. #horrorfilm #indigenous #panama

Official poster for #IndigenousMovie!!! Quite a scene. #horrorfilm #indigenous #panama

World premiere of #indigenous at #tribeca film festival&#8217;s midnight screening! #chuppieinNYC @lordchestercopperpot @rjamessamson @piersonfode @bontown @bohnsvoyage

World premiere of #indigenous at #tribeca film festival’s midnight screening! #chuppieinNYC @lordchestercopperpot @rjamessamson @piersonfode @bontown @bohnsvoyage

We still have our roads to run about, to scale the map. #golddust #momentito #horseback (at down by the river oria)

We still have our roads to run about, to scale the map. #golddust #momentito #horseback (at down by the river oria)

{ An All Day Love Affair } -

The Glamourai and her love dove Zachary Lynd — showing Nick Onken and I some more affection today on her blog

ShopTalk by Nick Onken: Montauk Love: Why I Hate Valentines Day...

Link to Nick Onken’s ShopTalk site, featuring our video “Montauk Love.”