DaVinci’s Cut

Interested in collaborating with an enthusiastic Renaissance woman to bring your small venture to life? Sarah Tyler, the one-woman wonder, will morph the conceptual into the concrete, capture your story with alluring footage – and edit it all together into a dynamic cinematic experience.

Best for: The Individual Proprietress | Proprietor

Look no further than this lone wolf. Yes, I typically work in a pack but depending on the type of project, I can part from it too and work intimately alongside your ambitions.

Whether our collaboration requires one day or two weeks, a quote is tailored to suit most budgets and to assure that value is equated with quality craftsmanship.

Can Include:
+ 1-2 videographers with 1  full standard DLSR and 4K cinema camera kits // access to external agencies for rental gear if needed
+ 1 Hair + Makeup Artist
+ 1 Assistant

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