Team Zissou

Grand visions require the intensive attention and creativity of a highly dedicated, well-outfitted team – and that’s exactly what this package will provide. Fox Den Productions will outfit you with a full crew of 15 or more production staff, multiple locations, set design, an impressive range of high definition camera kits and an uncanny sense of dedication to make magic strike every hour and stories resonate on film.

Best for: Large-Scale Branding Campaigns, Short Films, Independent Films

This is Fox Den Productions’ most involved and extensive package for the larger filmmaking endeavor. I only work with best: people I trust and those who share the same values of creation and methodology, those who incessantly inspire me — who listen as well as they contribute. Whether we are producing a series of commercials, content for strategic marketing or an independent film, we take pride in our sense of creative intuition, competence and dedication to every aspect of the filmmaking process. These larger-scaled projects become our daily grind, what we do during the day … and then dream of in the night, from start to the silver screen.

Can Include:
+ Director
+ Director of Photography (Main Cinematographer)
+ 1-2 Producers
+ 1 Set Designer
+ Editor
+ 1-2 Hair + Makeup Artists
+ 1-2 Stylists
+ 1 Sound Engineer
+ 1-3 DP Assistants
+ Assistant Editors
+ Animators
+ Specialized Cinematographers (Underwater, Surf, Etc)
+ Talent

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